How To Play Ladder Golf

In order to play ladder golf you will need the following components:

  • 1 or 2 Ladder Golf Ladders
  • 2 or 3 sets of Bolos (each set is a different color)
    * The instructions on this site are written assuming the use of two ladders. If there is only one ladder, the bolos will have to be retrieved and then returned to the original tossing line.

Set the two ladders up by placing them at least 15 feet apart from each other. The two ladders should be facing each other.

Each team is given a set of 3 bolos each. The first round will begin by having one player from each team stand by Ladder 1. It is up to the players to determine who goes first at this point. Each player will take a turn throwing one bolo until every player by Ladder 1 has thrown all three of their bolos. Once all the bolos have been tossed, the points will be added up. The next round will begin by having the players at Ladder 2 toss the bolos back towards Ladder 1. The team with the most overall points after the previous round will throw first.

How you throw the bolo is up to the individual. I find that it works best to put one golf ball in your hand with the string going through your fingers. Then you take a couple practice swings (rocking the ball back and forth gently) to develop a rhythm. Once you have the rhythm down, you will toss the bolo towards the ladder attempting to get spin to the toss so that the bolo has a good chance of wrapping around one of the steps.